what color does pink and green make

What Color Does Pink and Green Make? – 12 Color Combos That Will Make Your Home Pop!


If you’re looking for ways to add a pop of color to your home, consider using pink and green! These two colors may seem like an unusual pairing, but they actually complement each other quite well. In this article, we’ll explore 12 different color combinations that include pink and green, proving that these colors can work in virtually any room in your home.

1. Pink and Yellow

When combined with pink, yellow adds a cheerful pop of color that’s perfect for a home office or study area. Try painting a light pink accent wall and then adding a trendy yellow arch behind your desk area, just like blogger Sam Taylor-Crooks did in her workspace.

2. Pink and Gold

If you want your pink statement piece to take center stage, pair it with gold accents. Blogger Sydne Summer’s stylish living room is a great example of this color combination. By keeping the other furniture in the room simple and white, the pink sofa becomes the focal point.

3. Pink and Light Gray

Gray is a neutral color that pairs well with many other hues, including pink. In blogger Jen Thorne’s bedroom, pink bedding and a matching accent wall add some warmth to the gray rug. By incorporating a gray headboard and silver accents, the room looks cohesive yet vibrant.

4. Pink and Black and White

For a vintage-inspired look, consider pairing pink with black and white. Blogger Olivia Edwards-Silk brought this color scheme into her bedroom using dalmatian-patterned wallpaper and matching curtains. The luxe-looking velvet headboard adds a touch of elegance.

5. Pink and Emerald Green

Designer Shannon Claire Smith opted for a glam pink hue in her client’s home, but positioned a velvet chair in an emerald green nearby for some welcome contrast. The overall look is sophisticated and moody.

6. Pink and Navy

Pink and navy is another classic color combination. Blogger Annette Vartanian incorporated this pairing into her bedroom by painting a bold accent wall. Whether you prefer traditional, eclectic, or boho chic decor, pink and navy can be styled to fit your aesthetic.

7. Pink and Orange

For a burst of energy, try pairing pink with orange. Blogger Courtney Whitmore outfitted her daughter’s bedroom with these two hues, and the result is stunning. Opting for primarily white furniture keeps the room looking orderly and classic.

8. Pink and Sage

Designer Ariel Okin blended pink and green yet again in this chinoiserie-inspired bedroom. Sage provides a soothing backdrop while a pink throw blanket picks up on the notes of pink present in the wallpaper design.

9. Pink and Tan

Blogger McKenna Bleu incorporated a pink sofa into her home and styled it with jute accents, proving that these two colors can work together. A classic jute rug and woven baskets featuring notes of white complement the hot pink sofa perfectly.

10. Pink and Dark Gray

If you prefer a darker shade of gray, don’t worry – it can work with pink too! Designer Megan Hopp’s living room shows how white walls and furniture can keep the room feeling light while the pink and dark gray color scheme adds depth.

11. Pink and Avocado Green

Pinks and greens are a classic pairing, and blogger Maria’s dreamy bedroom proves why. Avocado green paint coats a portion of the walls that aren’t covered in nature-inspired wallpaper (which is, of course, also pink and green).

12. Pink and Turquoise

Blogger Heather Thibodeau designed a flowery bedroom for her daughter using pink and turquoise accents.

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