Billy Zane: Unveiling Net Worth and Career Achievements


In this article, we delve into the intriguing details of Billy Zane’s life and successful career in the entertainment industry. Join us as we explore his net worth, income, salary, and notable contributions.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Billy Zane was raised in a family of performers, with his parents, William George Zane, Sr. and Thalia, being involved in the entertainment industry. He grew up alongside his elder sister, Lisa Zane, who is also an actress and singer. Billy’s passion for acting was nurtured through his experiences at The American School in Switzerland (TASIS) and Francis W. Parker School. Additionally, he honed his skills at Harand Camp of the Theater Arts in Evanston, Illinois, which marked the initial phase of his professional theater career.

Rising Stardom and Filmography

Billy Zane’s acting journey commenced in the mid-1980s when he portrayed the character of Match in Robert Zemeckis’ film “Back To The Future” (1985), sharing the screen with Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. This breakthrough role paved the way for Billy’s continued success in the industry. He made cameo appearances in films such as “Critters” (1986) and “Dead Calm” (1989), and reprised his role as Match in the sequel “Back To The Future II.” In the 1990s, Billy’s professional activities intensified, resulting in a rise in his net worth. He appeared in notable films including “Femme Fatale” (1991), “Orlando” (1992), “Tombstone” (1993), and “Titanic” (1997), produced by James Cameron. These projects significantly enhanced his fame and financial standing.

Net Worth and Income

As of the latest updates, Billy Zane’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. It’s worth noting that net worth figures are subject to change due to various factors. In terms of income, Billy earns a substantial amount from his acting career. While specific income details may vary, it is reported that his yearly income amounts to $400,000, with a monthly income of $32,000, weekly income of $8,000, daily income of $1,140, hourly income of $19, and a per-minute income of $0.3.

Personal Life and Recognitions

Billy Zane, born on February 24, 1966, in Chicago, Illinois, has been involved in notable relationships and has a daughter named Ava Katherine Zane. Throughout his career, he has received acclaim and nominations, including a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Supporting Actor – Drama. His filmography encompasses a diverse range of movies, including “Titanic,” “The Phantom,” “Dead Calm,” “Memphis Belle,” “Demon Knight,” and “The Roommate.” He has also made appearances on TV shows like “Guilt” and “The Deep End.”

Social Media Presence

To stay connected with Billy Zane and his latest endeavors, you can follow him on various social media platforms. He can be found on Facebook at Billy Zane, Twitter at BillyZane, and Instagram at billyzane.


Billy Zane’s remarkable career, combined with his net worth of $20 million, showcases his talent and dedication to the craft of acting. With a diverse range of roles and a growing fan base, Billy continues to make an impact in the entertainment industry. Stay tuned for his future endeavors as he captivates audiences with his performances and further expands his legacy.

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