Danny Keough Net Worth

Danny Keough Net Worth: A Look at the Musician’s Financial Success


Danny Keough, an American musician and singer/songwriter, has made a name for himself in the music industry. With a net worth of $500 thousand, Danny Keough’s journey to financial success is worth exploring. From his early career to his personal life, let’s delve into the life of Danny Keough and his remarkable achievements.

Early Life and Musical Journey

Born in Chicago, Illinois in November 1964, Danny Keough showed a passion for music from a young age. Growing up, he honed his musical skills and developed a love for playing the bass guitar. With his innate talent and dedication, he soon found himself immersed in the music scene.

Marriage to Lisa Marie Presley

Danny Keough gained significant public attention when he married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley, in 1988. Their marriage lasted until 1994 and produced two children. Their daughter, Danielle Riley Keough, was born in May 1989, followed by their son, Benjamin Keough, in October 1992.

Musical Collaboration and Mentorship

During his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, Danny Keough played a pivotal role in her musical career. He served as a bass guitar player in Lisa Marie’s band and became her trusted musical mentor. Their collaboration showcased Danny’s exceptional talent and contribution to the music industry.

Personal Life and Tragic Loss

After their separation, Danny Keough continued to maintain a close relationship with Lisa Marie Presley. As of 2016, he still resided in the guest house on her property, highlighting the enduring bond between the two. However, tragedy struck the family in July 2020 when their son, Benjamin Keough, tragically passed away from an apparent suicide. This heartbreaking event shook the family and the music community as a whole.

Danny Keough’s Legacy and Influence

Despite the challenges he has faced, Danny Keough’s musical talent and contributions remain an integral part of his legacy. His time with Lisa Marie Presley and his dedication to music have left an indelible mark on the industry. As a respected musician, he has inspired countless aspiring artists and continues to be celebrated for his accomplishments.


With a net worth of $500 thousand, Danny Keough’s success as a musician is a testament to his passion and talent. From his early days playing the bass guitar to his influential collaboration with Lisa Marie Presley, his journey has been filled with noteworthy milestones. Despite the personal challenges he has endured, Danny Keough’s musical legacy and impact will continue to resonate with music enthusiasts around the world.

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