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Scott Peterson Net Worth: Learn About the American Prisoner’s Life and Earnings



Scott Lee Peterson is an American prisoner who was convicted of murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son in 2002. The case received significant media coverage, and Peterson was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2005. He remains on death row in San Quentin State Prison, awaiting his case’s appeal to the Supreme Court of California.

Early Life and Career

Scott Peterson was born on October 24, 1972, in San Diego, California. He attended Arizona State University and later transferred to California Polytechnic State University, where he earned a degree in agricultural business.

After graduation, Peterson worked as a sales representative for a fertilizer company. He met Laci Peterson in 1994, and the two were married in 1997.

The Murder Trial

On Christmas Eve 2002, Laci Peterson was reported missing by her husband, Scott Peterson. Her body and that of her unborn son, Connor, were later found on the shore of San Francisco Bay. Peterson was arrested and charged with their murders.

The trial received significant media attention, and Peterson was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2004. The jury recommended the death penalty, and Peterson was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2005.

Peterson maintains his innocence and is currently awaiting the Supreme Court of California’s decision on his appeal.

Scott Peterson Net Worth in 2023

As of 2023, Scott Peterson’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million. It is not clear how much of this net worth comes from his career as a sales representative or his brief stint as an actor.

Personal Life

Scott Peterson’s parents are Jacqueline Helen Latham and Lee Arthur Peterson. He has a brother named Joe Peterson.

Peterson was married to Laci Peterson, who he murdered in 2002. He had an extramarital affair with Amber Frey, who became a key witness in the trial.


Scott Peterson’s case remains one of the most infamous murder trials in American history. While he maintains his innocence, the overwhelming evidence against him has led to his conviction and sentencing to death. As of 2023, Peterson’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million, though it is unclear how much of this comes from his career and how much comes from his infamy.

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